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  Welcome to Online-Data-Entry Jobs

My name is Laura Kauth and I am the founder of Work-From-Home Online-Data-Entry Jobs.

A few years back I decided I wanted to quit my career of more than twenty years with a large business firm -- so that I could spend more time with my young children. I searched the Internet for months looking for the right opportunity that could supplement my six-digit income and allow me to work from home.

As you are probably experiencing for yourself, it is a tough task to try to find anything that can produce even a small income working from home.

My specialty has been in the data-entry field, so I decided to search for work-from-home data-entry jobs. I kept running into scam after scam and nothing seemed to work. So I used my personal experience, and contacts to create my own job programs -- that were effective, earned a nice income, and best of all, allowed me to work from home.

I did months of research to create my own programs that not only worked, but worked exceptionally well.  I have created a complete step-by-step program for each of the types of data applications that I will share with you.  These programs will allow you to work from home doing data processing and typing in different fields of data-entry applications.

Are you tired of all the work-from-home scams?

"After personally going through several scams, I was tired of these scams so I created my own work-from-home data-entry job program that works and earns me income every day.

I would like to personally welcome you to"

                            Laura Kauth
                        Creator & Founder

Work From Home Data Entry Programs

What Exactly Is a Data Processor?
A data processor enters data into the computer, by means of keyboard entry, scanning and voice recognition. He or she uses a class of programs that organize and manipulate data, numeric or textual. There are many types of typical data processing applications.

The Types of Data-Process Applications Offered
There are many different types of data-process applications. Searching for work-at-home in data entry you may have run across many different companies offering different types of work-at-home data-entry jobs. 

The most common data-processing jobs available for online work are:

  • Outsource Data Operator (Word Processing, etc)
  • Worldwide Data-Entry Processor
  • Marketing Typist
  • Data-Collection Research Assistant
  • Data Proofreader
  • General Audio Transcriber
  • Home Secretarial Work
  • Virtual Assisting
  • Article Typing
  • Response Typist

These all qualify as applications of data processing. Many sites will offer you an online training program for only one of these types of applications.

Usually it is only typing ads for the company themselves, and you will only be paid when someone joins their program.

With my program you get ten (10) work-at-home data-entry job programs complete with the needed training, tools, resources, software, and job tasks.

I'm going to give you ALL of the popular types of work-from-home data-entry jobs. You can then choose which of the ten job programs (or all) you would like to pursue further. Having done data entry for years, I understand everybody has different likes and dislikes when it comes to these types of jobs. This is why I offer all of these data-entry and work-from-home job programs instead of just one.

Many companies offering work-from-home data-entry jobs will offer you one poorly written program with no guarantees to create any type of income. I will give you all the training and insight for all the data-entry job programs I offer and I will give you it all for free. 

Below, I will give a brief job description and how much money you can potentially earn from doing the job tasks at hand. All of these programs have been personally designed by myself using the many years of experience I have gained. 

You will not have to experience all the pitfalls I did to get to the point where I am now. You will be able to move to the front of the class, so-to-speak with what I teach you. I offer you much more than just typing ads to the Internet like 99% of the other data-entry job-programs you find on the Internet.

I will give you a complete job description for each of the work-from-home data-entry jobs I offer. I will explain what is involved with training and how and when you are paid for 
each job as well. 

The following are actual jobs complete with training. You will not need to go find work once a member of my program -- I have already done that for you.

Outsource Data Entry
Work From Home Data Entry Outsource

Job Description:
 As a data- entry processor you will be doing outsourced projects like spreadsheets, newsletters, creating business literature, fax cover sheets, word processing etc. 

Pay: You will earn an income by either a set hourly wage which ranges from $15 to $25 per hour, or by a flat-rate for completed assignment. All payments are made at completion of job or once a week. You will receive payment by mailed check or PayPal.

Worldwide Data Entry
Work From Home Data Entry Worldwide

Job Description: You will type a few short lines of data and post to the sources the job program suggests. Once that is complete, hit the enter key, and you are done. YES, it is that simple.

Pay: You will earn an income primarily by commissions which are calculated by how many times your post is viewed or a sale is made by your posting. You will receive payment by mailed check, PayPal or Moneybookers / Skrill once or twice a month.

Data Entry Research
Work From Home Data Entry  Researcher

Job Description: As a data-entry Web researcher and data collector, you will be asked to view certain Web sites, online products, programs, etc. and type your findings in data format.

Pay: You will earn an income by a flat-rate for completed assignment. The assignments average around 30 minutes and pay approximately $15. All payments are made at completion of job or once a week. You will receive payment by mailed check or PayPal.

Audio Transcription
Work From Home Data Entry Transcription

Job Description: You will be  listening to tapes, digital recordings, CDs, video, etc. and typing the audio to a text format. You will get assignments to convert audio to text like speeches, focus groups, presentations, meetings as just a few examples to transcribe. This is simply general transcription and not legal or medical.

Pay: You will earn an income by a flat-rate for completed assignment. The assignments can be from $50 to $500 which is calculated on the audio length. All payments are made at completion of job or once a week. You will receive payment by mailed check or PayPal.

Article Typing
Work From Home Data Entry Typing

Job Description:
There are four primary job programs as an article typist. You will be creating very short articles based on any particular companies content. Many articles are as simple as 500 words and with my program's training an teach anyone to do in a matter of minutes with a few tips and tricks.

Pay: You will earn an income by in many different ways such as completing a 500 word article, or submitting articles to blogs to name a few. All payments are made at completion of job or once a month. You will receive payment by mailed check or PayPal.

Virtual Assistant
Work From Home Data Entry Assistant

Job Description: Doing virtual home secretarial jobs is one of the most popular jobs you can do from home. You will be doing everything from scheduling appointments, faxing documents, typing proposals and just about anything that would be done in an off-site office you will do from your home.

Pay: You will earn an income by working directly with virtual clients in your area which pay hourly for the work you perform or for completed assignment. You will receive payment by mailed check or PayPal, or direct deposit if you prefer.

Data Proofreader
Work From Home Data Entry Proofreader

Job Description: Data proofreaders through my program will not need prior experience. However, you should have a good understanding of your language and grammar. This job may not be for everyone, but can be a great job for some.

Pay: You will earn an income by proofreading text on literature or Web pages. Your pay is determined by the amount of words you proofread. You can set the amount per word.All payments are made at completion of job or as you determine for billing. You will receive payment by mailed check, PayPal or direct deposit.

Data Entry Evaluator
Work From Home Data Entry Evaluator

Job Description: As a data-entry business evaluator/auditor you will be doing assignments by visiting local businesses then evaluating them based on the assignment requirement, then typing your findings and submitting to jobs sources.

Pay: You will earn an income by visiting local area businesses. You will deal directly with business evaluation services which pay you a preset amount you agree to before taking assignment. All payments are made at completion of job or once a month. You will receive payment by mailed check, or PayPal

Marketing Typist
Work From Home Data Entry Marketing

Job Description: You will be working as a marketing typist directly for my company. I will pay you for typing and posting ads for a select group of companies that I have hand picked and have been proven to produce some nice income for my members.

Pay: You will earn an income primarily by commissions which are calculated by how many times your post is viewed or a sale is made by your posting. Commissions are usually at least 50% of sale or a preset click amount. You will receive payment by mailed check, PayPal or Moneybookers / Skrill once or once a month.


All of the above are actual jobs and you are paid for your efforts. I will give you all the training, tools, software, resources, etc. you will need to do these jobs as part of my working team.

With the training I provide you will need

Job Training - Tools - Resources - Software

With every job program I offer, I will provide complete training, give you all the tools, resources, and even software needed in some cases to do the jobs. I will never ask you to pay for any of the training, tools, resources or software. This will automatically save you hundreds of dollars before you even get started.

I provide training for each program separate. This includes word processor training, date posting, article creating and typing, research assisting, data evaluation and general audio transcription.

Which ever job you choose you can be assured you will get all the proper needed training that will show anyone even with no experience how to perform each of the jobs I provide.

Each training includes detailed text and video tutorials that are easy to follow and understand. Most of the training only takes a couple of hours and then you are on your way. If you ever need assistance with any of the job training or job tasks, I have a dedicated support team just an email away.

For each of my members I will be giving some additional resources, helpful tools, and tutorials. Here are a few of the additional free programs I will be giving all of my members:

Work From Home Data Entry Tools Member's Tools
Computer Basics
Typing Speed & Accuracy
Grammar Style Guide
Résumé Building Skills
EIN Sign-Up Tutorial
Word Processing Skills
Article Creating Tools
Writing Suggestion Tools

With my program you can be assured you will not need to purchase any additional software that is needed to do the jobs. I will provide you over $300 worth of software for free.

Work From Home Data Entry Software Job Task Software
Data Link Submitter
Word Processor
Title Headline Creator
Transcription Software
Article Auto-Submitter
General Submission 
Typing Training Software
Résumé Creator Software

    My Program Produces Results

    I would like to share some of my earnings with you. This is my way of showing you that my programs actually work. I was always skeptical about a company who didn't show me stats proving that their program actually works. If a website will not show you proof their program works, it is more than likely a scam.

    Below are detailed pay reports for a few hours, full day and complete month worth of work:

    Here are detailed payments for two hours worth of work

    Work From Home Data Entry Daily Report

    Here are detailed payments for each full day worth of work

    Here are the payment totals for one month worth of work

Many members are doing even better than I am with this program.
 I have seen many members making
$40k + a month doing this program.

To view members testimonials and submitted pay reports CLICK HERE

Earnings Disclosure: The results above are not typical and there is a possibility that you may not earn what I have displayed or any money at all with this program. With that said, I will tell you it is possible as it is proven time and time again with my program to make a decent living if you are willing to put in the effort.

What I Am Willing to Do for You

Work From Home Data Entry

All of my members will get complete training from my personal experience. I will help you get signed up with all the right companies, and accounts to get your work; I will leave nothing to guess. Just follow the step-by-step training in each of these job fields and you will be on your way to working from home earning a great income.



You will get INSTANT ACCESS to the training and jobs I provide online through my own secure hosting servers. This program is constantly updated with fresh material, training procedures, jobs, tools, software,etc directly online in your very own own members account. You can access your members' account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


I have no outdated material such as you find with many work-from-home programs that you run across on the Internet today. These other programs are basically an ebook with outdated links and program design. That is what I find to be a most important feature of my program compared to the others. It is critical to be up-to-date when doing these types of data entry and home-typing jobs.

As the jobs fields and tasks does this program.

These Are My Requirements

I have done my best to eliminate having to have past experience to do these data entry and home-typing jobs. 

All the programs will require no past experience as you will be trained to do the tasks at hand.

Here are some other computer hardware and basic set-up requirements.

General Requirements:

  • Speak and type fluent English, with decent spelling and grammar.
  • You will have many options to do some of the jobs in other languages if you choose.
  • For the corresponding and support we do require this to be in English.
  • Able to comprehend and follow instructions.
  • 18 years of age (Our pay sources we work with make this requirement).

MOST IMPORTANT - Willing to actually apply yourself to do the jobs at handy.

If you have realistic expectations, can follow simple directions, and are not afraid of a little honest work, these are the perfect work-from-home jobs!

Available Countries (Use the drop down box below to see if your country is listed):

Work From Home Data Entry Countries

If your country is listed above you do Qualify to receive data-entry job assignments.

Payments: You must be able to receive payment for your work by at least ONE of the following pay methods:

  • Mailed Check (in your country's currency)
  • Direct-Bank Deposit
  • PayPal
  • MoneyBookers/Skrill

There is no sense to become a member and do the jobs if you can't be paid!

Hardware/Software Requirements:

  • A reasonably good computer (Pentium 3 / AMD K6-II ) or newer.
  • Internet connection - broadband preferred, but dial up is okay.
  • At least 10 MB of free hard disk space.
  • 64MB or more of memory will do fine.
  • Mouse and a keyboard.
  • Any Windows version (95,98,ME,NT,2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10) or Linux or MAC.

NO SOFTWARE IS NEEDED - I will give you all the needed software for free as a member of my program.

Dedicated Server: Because this program is done 100% online you will need a secure dedicated server.


Even More Bonuses For My Members

I'm going to give you access to additional money-making opportunities and my secret library of wealth help as a BONUS. These bonuses have created additional income for my members and me.


Additional Job Opportunities
For every member I will give a list of thousands of additional work-from-home jobs and companies for you to choose from. You can select from categories or a special designed "work-at-home" job search exclusively for my program.                     
100's of Ebooks & Resell Software
I have some great additional home-business e-books and software complete with resell rights. You will see everything from coupon saving guides to money-making programs and everything in between. These are valued at over $800.

Here is EXACTLY What I am Going to Give You Once a Member

online-data-entry-jobs-arrow  Instant online access to your own secure members training & jobs account; start today!
Access to ALL of the data-entry job programs I offer - (10 total job programs).
All the needed training and job software worth over $300 by itself. 
Free access to my Home Business Center for additional helpful resources, tools and info. 
My assurance that you never need to pay additional costs once a member. 
All the jobs and resources; you don't need to track down the jobs or companies yourself. 
Over $800 worth of sign up bonuses; and more are added periodically. 

How to Become a Member

All of the mentioned program, including the training, tools, resources, software, and jobs are 100% FREE!

This program is offered online for your quick and easy access. As mentioned what I'm offering is not some mass produced eBook or download. This is a real-time updated daily training and job program.

I will provide you access directly through my hosting service which will allow you all the needed data transfer and bandwidth needed to do this program.

In order to allow access to my secure hosting and data servers it adds cost me money for every member I add for data transfer and bandwidth usage. I will only charge this fee one-time to recover a portion of this cost.

I really wanted to give everyone a chance to have this opportunity that I have done so well with. The only way to justify my costs and my time was to offer this at minimal cost to cover my expenses for setting up your members account and allow access to my servers.

If you become a member and are not happy with the program, I will refund 100% of your members access fee (see refund policy below). I will even let you keep the bonuses if you decide to ask for a refund of your members access fee.

How Much The One-Time Access Fee Will Cost
I do my best to get the one-time members access fee costs as low as possible. I am always negotiating with my hosting company to get better deals and bulk transfer rates. I always will pass that saving to member new members.

Check below to get the current rate for the one-time members' access fee. As mentioned this is a ONE-TIME only fee and you are never charged again. Also there are no hidden or additional required costs once a member of my program...
I give you my personal promise on that.

My Personal Happiness Guarantee
I have done my best to present what I am offering to you honestly and absolute. If you purchase my program and think otherwise, I will refund 100% of your membership access fee within 30 days of joining. So feel safe to at least try this great opportunity without the risk of being scammed. I will also let you keep the $800 worth of bonuses. How can you go wrong!

Getting Started Today!

If you would rather pay the one-time server access fee (fully refundable) and get instant access to get started today, please follow the directions below:

I am only charging you a one-time server access set-up access fee which allows you to access the program online anytime you you choose... Everything else once a member is 100% free and no hidden costs EVER!


Total One-Time Hosting Access Fee Price

I can't guarantee how long I will be able to keep the one-time
fee at $49.95 with my hosting company.


To  proceed to the "JOIN NOW" button below to get Instant Access Today!

Work From Home Data Entry Join Now

* You do not have to have a PayPal account to make your credit card payment. PayPal now processes credit card payments with out needing to open a PayPal account.

Want to join, but don't have the one-time fee of $49.95?

After your members hosting account access fee payment, you will be directed to our members' log in assignment page to set up your username and password for instant access. 

If this process doesn't take place for some reason or a technical issue occurs, e-mail us at:
info(at)  or  Odejobs(at) with your payment receipt so we can send you your members' account log in set up information.


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