Member Testimonials
Member's Testimonials

Dear Laura & Staff
You and your staff are a blessing for which I must give the praise you deserve. I have been doing wonders with this program you have so kindly given me the opportunity to try. I wish to let everyone know what a wonderful job you are doing and how great these programs are. God Bless all of you

Rev. Charles T. 
Spokane WA U.S.A

Hello Online Data Entry Jobs!
I recently purchased a membership to your program and I was so happy to finally see something for my money. After spending hundreds of dollars on
work from home junk, I am finally satisfied.
Thanks so Much!

Redding CA U.S.A


Greetings From Canada,
My name is Sarah and I reside in Quebec Canada. Your program is absolutely a marvelous opportunity that I have done rather well with. I was wondering why you don't market this more, there honestly is nothing better on the internet from what I have  seen. Just thought you should know this.

Sarah L. 
Columbier, Quebec Canada


I would like to say I love these data entry 
jobs you give me. It has been so hard for me to find internet work from India. This has allowed me to make very good money in such a short time. Many thanks to all of you.

Nidhi P. 
Hyderabad, India



I was so pleased to find out that I am able to do this data entry work with no prior experience. I was so worried that I was not going to be able to do this. I feel I actually have become an expert in this field with the help of your program. Making money daily doing the world data entry, how do like that for a retired fireman.

Paul V.



I have now been a member with you guys for over 2 months and I thought it was time to email you and thank you for everything you have given me. I can only appreciate how well this program has worked, after all the other disappointments. You will be pleased to know I have received my first few outsources assignments for my home secretarial business, I decided on the name "Type Doctor " for my business name :) Thank you Laura for everything.

Pamela T. 


Hello Laura,

Thank you for all of your help with your program, I figure if I can do this, then anyone can. This is coming from the most novice user of a computer, Internet, etc. Thanks to your guys help I received my first pay check this week.

Armin D. 
Grabouw, South Africa


Dear Bruce and Laura,

I always loved doing data entry jobs all my life. Now I can do it online through a legitimate program. I love the different variety of jobs and best of all the money it is providing me and my family!

Elain G. 



I am absolutely amazed with your program Laura. Honestly, it is a well put together program and I thank you for your honesty. I have never ran in to any part of this program that asks me for more money. This is a first as usually you see a price for this and that, but you really give your members a free program!

Vaki H. 


Dear Odejobs Staff,

This program has been a great choice. I am actually now able to supplement my husbands income since he was laid off. It is nice to know there is a real legitimate job you can do from home. Thanks Again!

Michelle K. 
Maple Plain, MN

Testimonial Disclosure
The testimonials submitted on this page were given by current members of my program that paid for the program. I have not given any money or compensation to receive these testimonials. The testimonials have been given by each individual's personal experience with my program.

Here is EXACTLY What I am Going to Give You Once a Member

online-data-entry-jobs-arrow  Instant online access to your own secure members training & jobs account; start today!
Access to ALL of the data-entry job programs I offer - (10 total job programs).
All the needed training and job software worth over $300 by itself. 
Free access to my Home Business Center for additional helpful resources, tools and info. 
My assurance that you never need to pay additional costs once a member. 
All the jobs and resources; you don't need to track down the jobs or companies yourself. 
Over $800 worth of sign up bonuses; and more are added periodically. 

How to Become a Member

All of the mentioned program, including the training, tools, resources, software, and jobs are 100% FREE!

This program is offered online for your quick and easy access. As mentioned what I'm offering is not some mass produced eBook or download. This is a real-time updated daily training and job program.

I will provide you access directly through my hosting service which will allow you all the needed data transfer and bandwidth needed to do this program.

In order to allow access to my secure hosting and data servers it adds cost me money for every member I add for data transfer and bandwidth usage. I will only charge this fee one-time to recover a portion of this cost.

I really wanted to give everyone a chance to have this opportunity that I have done so well with. The only way to justify my costs and my time was to offer this at minimal cost to cover my expenses for setting up your members account and allow access to my servers.

If you become a member and are not happy with the program, I will refund 100% of your members access fee (see refund policy below). I will even let you keep the bonuses if you decide to ask for a refund of your members access fee.

How Much The One-Time Access Fee Will Cost

I do my best to get the one-time members access fee costs as low as possible. I am always negotiating with my hosting company to get better deals and bulk transfer rates. I always will pass that saving to member new members.

Check below to get the current rate for the one-time members' access fee. As mentioned this is a ONE-TIME only fee and you are never charged again. Also there are no hidden or additional required costs once a member of my program...
I give you my personal promise on that.

My Personal Happiness Guarantee
I have done my best to present what I am offering to you honestly and absolute. If you purchase my program and think otherwise, I will refund 100% of your membership access fee within 30 days of joining. So feel safe to at least try this great opportunity without the risk of being scammed. I will also let you keep the $800 worth of bonuses. How can you go wrong!

Getting Started Today!

If you would rather pay the one-time server access fee (fully refundable) and get instant access to get started today, please follow the directions below:

I am only charging you a one-time server access set-up access fee which allows you to access the program online anytime you you choose... Everything else once a member is 100% free and no hidden costs EVER!


Total One-Time Hosting Access Fee Price

I can't guarantee how long I will be able to keep the one-time
fee at $49.95 with my hosting company.


To  proceed to the "JOIN NOW" button below to get Instant Access Today!

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